High-precision coverage unique to wet plating

Compatibility of mechanical properties of dry coating

For the first time in the world, it has been possible to uniformly disperse and co-deposit nano-diamond (ND) particles on the order of 10 to 100 nm, which has been difficult to obtain evenly co-deposited composite plating.
(Patent No. 5435477)

  • Compositing single particles into Ni-P plating film using our proprietary nanodiamond dispersion technology.
  • Achieves high strength, low friction, and low aggression due to nano-order.
Diamond powder (left)
NDCO plating solution (right)
Cross section of NDCO plating film
(SEM: 6000x)
ND particle dispersion state
(TEM 500,000x)


  • Friction coefficient equivalent to DLC in a sliding test environment with poor lubrication
  • 20% less self-wear and 70% less mating material wear compared to TiN and CrN
  • It is difficult to dry-coating (TiN, CrN, etc.), and it is possible to coat evenly with high film thickness accuracy on complicated parts with severe dimensional accuracy, the inside of tubular parts, etc. ⇒ Excellent throwing power.
  • Construction is possible regardless of the material, such as die-casting or plastic.
 Throwing performanceHardnessWear resistanceLow aggressionProcessing cost
NDCOAt normal temperature : HV. 550
with heat treatment : HV. 1000
DLCHV. 2000~3000
CrNHV. 2000~2200
TiNHV. 2000~2500
NiPAt normal temperature : HV. 550
with heat treatment : HV. 1000

NDCO technical data

[Comparison of changes in NDCO wear coefficient]
[Comparison of NDCO wear resistance]

Correspondence size, specifications

Correspondence sizeMaximum: 200mmx200mmx200mm
Workable base materialPlease contact us.
Deposition accuracy±1μm
Hardness(No heat treatment):Hv500~600 
(with heat treatment):Hv900~1000
AdhesionScratch test (load ~ 100N): no peelingScratch test (load ~ 100N): no peeling
Heat-resistantTG/DTA measurement: exothermic peak at 560 degrees
Thermal conductivity0.100~0.140(cal/cmS℃)
Electrical resistance6.2×10-6Ωcm
Coefficient of thermal expansion12×10-6/℃

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