Highly corrosion resistant and highly conductive oxide film produced by mist CVD method

Patent No. 6789490
Patent No. 7092280, US11,189,846,132

Simple and highly functional CVD coating that can be deposited in the atmosphere.

Conventional CVD method ⇒ Deposition in vacuum
・High cost of equipment
・It takes time to vacuum

  • Required for fuel cell separators Corrosion resistant and conductive High performance metal oxide film
  • Cost reduction due to high-speed film formation
  • Good adhesion to base material, high coverage
Metal separator coated with mist CVD method
Fuel cell structure

Applying Mystic to metal separators for fuel cells, Developed a coating that has both corrosion resistance and conductivity

DOE Technical Targets for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Components

Anodic polarization test
pH3 H2SO4 + 0.1ppmHF, 80℃, Ar purge,
Scanning speed1mV/s, -0.6V to +2.0V(Ag/AgCl)
Constant potential polarization test
pH3 H2SO4 + 0.1ppmHF, 80℃, Ar purge,
After 3 hours of natural soaking +0.6V(Ag/AgCl)72h
Contact resistance change @ immersion test
pH3 H2SO4, 80℃, 168h immersion
Change in contact resistance @ constant potential polarization test
Above evaluation

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