What is ion plating (Physical vapor deposition)?

Ion plating (physical vapor deposition: PVD) is a vapor deposition method that forms a ceramic film by reacting metals such as titanium and chromium that have been plasmatized in a vacuum with nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen.
We have three types of equipment: "Electron Gun Fusion Ion Plating", "Arc Discharge Ion Plating", and "Magnetron Sputtering". can be selected, and we are good at design coloring that is resistant to scratches and abrasion peeling on metal products, and has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance. In addition, workpiece shapes can range from spherical to long, and we have a track record of processing even insulating materials that do not conduct electricity.

[chromium deposition principle with arc discharge ion plating machine]
[Titanium deposition principle with a sputtering machine]

Features of our ion plating coloring

  • Stable coloring on the entire surface is possible by forming a film using a workpiece mounting jig or rotating movement.
  • A coating quality that is strong in wear resistance and has adhesion and conformability that does not peel off in bending tests.
  • A highly corrosion-resistant film that does not discolor or corrode even in CASS tests.
  • Biocompatibility is considered by using Titanium and chrome materials.
  • The load temperature on the workpiece is relatively low, 160℃ to 300°C for the gas reaction film.
  • We are good at appearance quality control, which is important for design products.

Processed product performance

Coloring processing for products that require wear resistance and hardness

・Fishing tackle parts (SUS)
・Building material design parts (SUS)
・Vehicle design parts (SUS)
・Watch exterior parts (SUS)
・Casing parts for digital home appliances (SUS)
・Kitchen knife, scissors (SUS)
・Screws and nuts (SUS, iron with hard Cr plating)
・Iron ball (iron with hard Cr plating)
・Golf club head (iron with hard Cr plating)

Iron ball (with hard Cr plating)
Coloring processing with biocompatible titanium film and chromium materials

Eyewear frame (titanium)
Medical equipment (titanium, SUS)
Necklace, ring (titanium, SUS)

Eyewear frame
Metal texture on plastic (metallization)

Eyewear frame (PPSU)
Shaft pipe (CFRP)

CFRP material pipe
Metal plating processing as a conductive/electromagnetic wave shield on hard-to-plate materials

Metal films such as gold, silver, copper, and brass are sputtered to rotate and revolve the workpiece, and the entire surface is processed under a heat load of 100°C or less.
(Various plastics, coatings, glass, ceramics, FRP, chemical fibers, etc.)
*We cannot perform electromagnetic shielding effect confirmation tests such as EMC tests.

Process various metal electromembrane on CFRP

Color image of ion plating (PVD)

※ Please note that it may look different from the image monitor and the actual color.

Correspondence work size, specifications

Quality of each ion plating membrane

IP specification name

White 10

Gray 11 Champagne Gold Brown 40 Black 101
Vapor deposited metal Cr Cr Ti Ti Ti
Hardness Weght:10mN 400~500 600~700 300~400 500~600 500~700
Adhesion Bending test Φ18mm 90° PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS
Ultrasonic vibration test  PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS
Impact resistance DuPont impact test
Bell 500g 500mm falling
Corrosion resistance CASS test 48 hour
(JIS H8502)
Salt spray test 48 hour
(JIS H8502)
Heat-resistant 200℃x30 minutes PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS

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