What is electroplating?


Electroplating (Electroplating) is a method in which an object that conducts electricity is placed in a solution in which the metal to be plated is dissolved, and the metal in the solution is reduced by electrolysis to form a thin metal film on the surface of the object. The advantage is that the plating speed is fast, thick plating is possible, and it is possible to control the plating film thickness and the alloy ratio of alloy plating with the amount of electricity.
At our company, we perform precious metal plating such as platinum (Pt), gold (Au), and palladium (Pd). It is also used for electrodes due to its characteristics, durability, and safety. In particular, for the titanium electrode plates used in alkaline ion water purifiers, the technology of directly plating platinum (Pt) on the titanium material, which is our specialty, is adopted, and our long-term experience is backed by our plating technology.

[Plating metal type]
  • Platinum (Pt) plating
  • Gold (Au) plating
  • Gold alloy (various Au alloy) plating
  • Palladium (Pd) plating
  • Ruthenium (Ru) plating
  • Nickel (Ni) plating
  • Chrome (Cr) plating
  •  Tin (Sn) alloy plating

Traits and Achievements

Design colorability
  • Eyewear frames (Ti, Ni-Cu alloy)
  • Bracelets, rings, necklaces (Ti, SUS, brass)
  • Musical instrument (brass)
  • Medical equipment (brass, SUS)
  • Small interior building materials (brass, SUS)
Precious metal plating for eyewear frames
(Two-color plating of gold and palladium)

Functional plating

◎Direct platinum (Pt) plating on titanium materials

  • Electrode plate of water maker (Ti)

Nickel (Ni) plating for silver brazing on titanium (Ti) and superelastic alloys (Ni-Ti alloys)

  • Eyewear frame parts (Ti, Ni-Ti alloy)
Platinum plated electrode plate

Corrosion resistant plating
  • Faucet fitting parts (brass)
  • Wiring terminal contacts
Water fittings

Color image of noble metal plating

*Please note that the colors may look different from the actual colors when viewed on an image monitor or printed on a printer.

Inquiries about electroplating

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