Processing method Corresponding material Plating material Work size Adopted product
Ion plating (PVD) Metal/Resin/CFRP Metal・Ceramic・Ti・Cr・Cu・Au・Ag・Brass・Al・Sn・Zr・Ni-Cr up to 900mm Eyewear frame, golf, home appliances, medical care, building materials, auto parts, barber utensils
Electroplating Metal Au・Pd・Ru・Sn・Cr・Pt・Ni alloy up to 350mm Eyewear frame, fishing gear, electrodes, medical equipment
Electrodeposition coating Metal/CFRP Anion type/Cation type (gloss) up to 350mm Eyewear frame, fishing gear, electrodes
Spray solvent painting Metal/Resin/CFRP Glossy, matte, pearly, rubbery, anti-fingerprint properties up to 500mm Eyewear frame, household appliances, golf accessories, barber tools
Anodized coloring Titanium, Titanium alloy Base material up to 200mm Eyewear frame, accessories, medical equipment
chemical polishing Titanium, Titanium alloy Acid treatment up to 300mm Eyewear frame,
Processing on substrate surface Metal/Resin Buffing and barrel polishing, hairline, blasting Eyewear frame, Building materials, musical instruments
Laser Metal/Resin CO2 and YVO4 laser up to φ110mm Eyewear frame,home appliance
Printing Metal/Resin Silk screen and pad up to 250mm Eyewear frame,home appliance
Plating for brazing Titanium, Titanium alloy Nickel

up to 350mm

Eyewear frame,home appliance
Composite plating Metal Nano diamond and nickel

Piston ring, chain