Our company was founded in 1948 in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, where our head office is still located today. Sabae City is one of the world's top three production areas for eyeglass frames, and our company has grown together with the eyeglass industry as a surface treatment manufacturer. In 1985, we started planning and selling eyeglass frames, and we continue to provide high-quality products.

However, after peaking in 2000, the production volume of the eyeglass industry in Japan continued to shrink due to the increase in imports of overseas products, and our company was also greatly affected by the decrease in the amount of eyeglass processing. In order to respond to changes in the environment surrounding our company, we have aggressively expanded into fields other than the eyewear industry, such as home appliances and sporting goods, and have accumulated achievements. In addition, we are working on the development of surface treatment technology that excels not only in terms of decoration but also in terms of functionality.

Going forward, we will continue to pursue our medium-term vision of “What the world does not have! Based on "Technology Itech", we will focus on further deepening the surface treatment technology that we have cultivated since our foundation and developing new surface treatment technology that other companies do not have, and the whole company will work together to create new products, markets, customers and businesses. We will work on it.

Representative Director President CEO
Masaru Kuroda

Management Philosophy/Vision/Action Slogan

"What the world doesn't have! With the vision of "Technology Eye Tech" and the action slogan of "Human & Creation", we are working on our daily work.


This page describes the location of the head office, contact information, business content, a list of officers, and the history of the company since its founding. You can also see the access map to the head office on this page.


This is our history since our founding in 1948.

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Information about the Quality Assurance Department, which conducts operations related to "quality assurance," "analysis," and "quality/environmental management."

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