EYETEC surface treatment technology

We have the top share of the surface treatment technology and achievements in the eyeglass production area, and we can respond to various requests. We provide plating services in various fields such as information appliances, automobile parts, and nanotechnology.

Ion plating (Physical vapor deposition: PVD)

Electrodeposition coating

Electrodeposition coating is a method of coating the surface of an object by passing electricity between the object and electrodes in the paint. It is easy to control so that the coating film thickness is constant, and even objects with complex shapes can be coated uniformly. It is also effective as an insulation effect.


Electroplating is a method in which an object that conducts electricity is placed in a solution in which the metal to be plated is dissolved, and the metal in the solution is reduced by electrolysis to form a thin metal film on the surface of the object. At our company, by using precious metals such as gold alloys, platinum, palladium, and ruthenium, we are able to obtain a unique texture and luster. It is also used for electrode plates that utilize the properties of precious metals.

Solvent spray painting

Solvent spray painting is a coating method that uses an organic solvent as a solvent or dispersant for the coating, and forms a coating film by volatilizing the organic solvent after coating. It has a wide variety of colors and can express a wide variety of textures such as pearl, matte, leather, and metallic tones. Various functionalities such as water repellency, fingerprint resistance, and scratch resistance can be added.

NDCO® Nano diamond composite plating

NDCO® Nanodiamond composite plating is a composite plating film in which nanodiamond fine particles (10 to 100nm) are uniformly dispersed and co-deposited in an electroless nickel film. It is a new surface treatment technology developed independently by ITEC, which has excellent slidability and wear resistance.

Other surface treatments

We perform anodizing and chemical polishing of titanium materials, plating for brazing, hairline and blasting, marking laser and printing.

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