Management quality improvement program

The management quality improvement program is a way of thinking and measures to create a constitution that realizes management innovation that allows companies to produce outstanding results. We aim to improve customer satisfaction in all activities, including products and services provided by the company, to continuously provide the value that customers seek, and to maintain our competitiveness in the market.

There is the "Japan Management Quality Award" as an award for companies that have "a management system that produces outstanding results", and the local version is the "Fukui Prefecture Management Quality Award".

The Japan Management Quality Award is said to be the de facto standard for global management innovation. This is an award system established by the Socio-Economic Productivity Center. This commendation system is implemented in more than 60 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe and the United States.

Judges examine and evaluate the management quality level of the company based on the content of the application. The results of the examination are reported in an "evaluation report" that reveals the weak points of the applicant company. We can improve the management quality level by studying and analyzing the weak points and improving them.

Efforts for EYETEC Management Quality

Received the 2001 Fukui Prefecture Management Quality Award winning organization Governor's Award

EYETEC Co., Ltd. received the "Encouragement Award" in 1999 and the "Chairman's Award" in 2000, and received the "Governor's Award", the highest award, at the Fukui Prefecture Management Quality Award, which we challenged for three consecutive years. It can be seen that the company has been working on management quality improvement activities and has steadily achieved results.
The Governor's Award is given to companies that have been recognized for their outstanding management quality methods, development, and results that should be praised as companies and organizations that represent the prefecture.

Reason for award

  • Based on our management philosophy of "higher technology, more sincere work, and a more kind heart" since our founding, we express the values that we should share in an easy-to-understand manner, and practice management based on these values in each area of activity. Under the unwavering belief and leadership of top management, efforts have been made systematically and continuously with the participation of a wide range of employees. As a result, steady improvement in management quality can be seen.
  • As an industry leader with an overwhelming market share in the eyeglass surface treatment market, we have taken a progressive approach to environmental management, such as by participating in environmental improvement activities with universities, government offices, related organizations, and companies, as well as local environmental conservation activities. We are taking the lead in demonstrating the role of a leader in the industry, such as by achieving results that far exceed the official regulation values and standard values, and by being the first in the Fukui prefecture eyewear industry to obtain ISO14001 certification.
  • Our company owns the international eyeglass design competition "OPUS DESIGN AWARD", discovering excellent designers and awarding their designs. In this way, we will contribute to improving the design capabilities of the eyeglass industry and revitalizing the industry.In addition, by commercializing excellent works, we will attract existing and potential customers who are interested in eyeglass designers and eyeglasses, and bring in the wisdom and creativity of our customers. is launching a new product development process (through alliances with customers) that utilizes.
  • In order to respond flexibly, quickly, and in a timely manner, as orders from customers are becoming increasingly multi-process, multi-product, and small-lot, both the surface treatment department and the eyeglass department are in charge of order inquiries, production process management, EYE-NET has been built to manage core processes for value creation, such as quality control, delivery control, and cost control, and is being used in an integrated and multi-purpose way in daily operations.
  • We are working on building a new business model, with the “establishment of Opus Design business model” (Fukui Prefecture IT support model project) aiming for vertical diversification of business (planning and direct sales of eyeglass frames) as an important strategic issue. there is