Industry-government-academia joint research

  • Industry-Academia Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Fukui university

EYETEC Co., Ltd. and Fukui University, a national university corporation, integrate the research results of the university and the technological capabilities of the company, and promote industry-academia collaboration to develop next-generation technology and promote academic research. , a comprehensive partnership agreement was concluded on August 8, 2005 with the aim of contributing to society through research results and contributing to the development of researchers and engineers.

We are currently working on the following:

  1. Selection and promotion of themes such as joint research and commissioned research conducted within this collaboration.
  2. Implementation of joint research, commissioned research, etc., and accompanying exchange of researchers.
  3. Giving internship opportunities to students.
  4. Organizational cooperation such as support for students to establish venture companies.
  • Industry-government-academia joint research with other universities and research institutes

In addition, we are conducting joint research with other universities and research institutes such as the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) through the use of subsidies.

In addition to the industry-university comprehensive cooperation agreement, we also cooperate with the Fukui University Fund (support for students who have difficulty studying due to financial reasons, study abroad and acceptance of foreign students).

Joint research and subsidy projects (excluding those currently in progress)

Fiscal yearSubsidy nameBusiness plan name
2016Industry-academia-government-finance collaboration technology innovation promotion project subsidySurface functionalization technology using laser light
2015Manufacturing, commerce, service new development support subsidyPrototype and development of electroless nickel coating hardness enhancement technology using laser
2015Research result optimization support program (A-STEP seeds manifestation type)Development of highly corrosion-resistant and highly conductive oxide films for fuel cell metal separators using the mist CVD method
2012~2014R&D project to promote base planningDevelopment of fuel cell generator system
2010~2012Strategic Fundamental Technology Advancement Support ProjectDevelopment of Highly Corrosion-Resistant Metal Separator for Household Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
2012Support subsidies for manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses for trial development, etc.Prototype and development of ultra-lightweight resin spectacle frame with metallic luster
2012Strategic Fundamental Technology Advancement Support ProjectPractical application of next-generation saw wire by CNT composite plating
2010Feasibility test research studyResearch on ultrashort pulse laser irradiation surface nano-fabrication technology
2009Support subsidies for product development, etc. for manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises (prototype development, etc. support projects)Prototype development from eyewaer design and construction of small lot production system
2008Strategic Fundamental Technology Advancement Support ProjectDevelopment of composite plating technology with dispersed PTFE/nanodiamond
2006Industry-Academia Joint Seeds Innovation Business Realization StageDevelopment of pretreatment method for electroless plating on plastic using supercritical carbon dioxide
2006Regional Innovation Creation Comprehensive Support Project Priority Area Research and Development Promotion Program (Fostering Research)Development of manufacturing technology for low-friction automobile sliding parts by pulsed laser irradiation surface nano-machining
2005Regional Revitalization Consortium Research and Development ProjectDevelopment of Translucent Electromagnetic Shield Material by LIPAA Process
2004Regional Revitalization Consortium Research and Development ProjectDevelopment of ultra-precision composite forging technology for manufacturing magnesium alloy mobile electronic devices
2004Subsidies for measures for small and medium-sized enterprises management innovation, etc. (Creative technology research and development project)Development of Nanodiamond Composite Plating Technology for Improving Wear Resistance of Micro Areas