Phone and FAX numbers

Please dial +81-778-51-5000  and select the number below after connecting. After that, please press number 8 for inquiries in English.
You can skip even while the voice guidance is playing.
If you know the extension number, please connect with 9 + extension number.
And if you are using a dial line, please operate after switching to push tone with the tone switching button etc.
If you do not hang up the phone after the guidance is over, you will be connected to the Business Administration Headquarters.

Push number after dialing 0778-51-5000

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Push number


8⃣ For inquiries in English, please press number 8 after the voice guidance.


1⃣   Surface Treatment Division 
(Weekdays 8:00 ~ 17:30)


3⃣ About surface treatment other than eyewear


1⃣ Acceptance and shipment of surface treatment for eyewear products


2⃣ Requests and other inquiries about surface treatment of eyewear products


4⃣ Inquiries to the subcontract management department about the surface treatment of eyewear products


5⃣ Inquiries to the production control department for products other than eyewear


2⃣  Eyewear Division  Inquiries about planning and sales of eyewear products 
(Weekdays  8:30 ~ 18:00)

Direct No. TEL:+81-778-52-3382


6⃣  Business Administration Headquarters  About general affairs and recruitment 
(Weekdays 8:00 ~ 17:30)


7⃣ Contact New Business Development Division Saw Wire Division Quality assurance department  
(Weekdays 8:00 ~ 17:30)
※Once you are connected to the Business Administration Headquarters, please let us know your needs.
After that, we will connect you to the person in charge.


9⃣ If you know the extension number

9⃣+Extension No.