Social contribution activities

Contribution to industrial development, industry-government-academia joint research

Dispatch to domestic and international conferences on ISO and JIS related to eyeglass frames and plating: (We were the first to develop countermeasure products against nickel allergy in eyeglass frames, and it is now the "standard specification" in the industry. ).

Local contribution activities

  • Community donation
    Every year, we donate to nearby communities.
  • Internship system
    We accept junior high school students to university students (as needed).
  • Factory tour
    We are open to all fields such as companies, government offices, and schools (as needed).
  • Lecturer dispatch
    We are dispatching lecturers to the surface treatment courses, etc. hosted by the Fukui Small and Medium Business College.

Social activities

Volunteer activity

Once a month, our company divides all employees into groups to clean the roads.

Club activities

Won a prize in the "Practical bicycle endurance race (4 hours endurance)" held at Takasu Circuit in Fukui Prefecture.
Cycling club

Members who like bicycles gather and enjoy activities.

We participate in road races and mountain bike races both inside and outside the prefecture.

15th in-house competition
Golf club

Members who like golf gather and enjoy activities.

Our regular in-house competitions are attended by non-employee guests, and are always very lively.