Patent application

Evolved composite plating by applying NDCO dispersion technology

"Nano diamond composite plating" technology with excellent sliding properties
Patent No. 5435477

  • Special solid lubricant combined with electroless Ni-P
  • Demonstrates sliding properties superior to DLC under no-lubrication conditions
  • Provides high film thickness accuracy and excellent sliding properties regardless of the shape of the material.
Comparison of wear coefficients
Surface treatment surface treatment side
Specific wear amount
(mm3 /Nm)
The other side
Specific wear amount
(mm3 /Nm)
EVC-Ni P 0 0 No wear
DLC  0 1.09E-08
  • Forms a highly conductive lubricant film during sliding
  • Compared to hard silver, the coefficient of friction is 1/5 and the durability is 5 times longer.
  • Excellent electrical properties comparable to hard silver
Comparison of friction coefficients
Comparison of specific wear amount between EVC-A g and hard silver

Fields expected to be applied

Electrical contact parts such as charger connectors for EVs and switches

  • A new option for plating electrical contacts to replace gold, silver, and other precious metals.
  • Low cost compared to precious metal plating
  • Higher conductivity than conventional nickel plating (more than 500 times that of our company)
  • Higher durability than precious metal plating (3 times harder than hard silver)
  • High sliding properties due to solid lubricant
Change in surface contact resistance due to constant temperature and humidity test
Constant temperature and humidity test for 500 hours, surface contact resistance, compared with Ag

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