Role of Quality Assurance Department

For the first time in the eyewear industry in Fukui Prefecture, we acquired the international standard "ISO 9001" certification (2000) for quality control and assurance, and the international standard "ISO 14001" certification (2001) for environmental management.

ISO 9001 quality management system

It can be said that the production system is recognized worldwide as a company that can continuously improve the quality management system aiming at improving customer satisfaction in addition to product quality assurance.

This proves that we are a company that can always provide customers with products of the quality that they demand.

"Quality policy"

Under the slogan of "Quality First", EYETEC Co., Ltd. always strives to improve technology and services, and aims to improve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement activities of the quality management system.

ISO 14001 Environmental management system

Businesses must manage the effects of environmental degradation and work to maintain and structure a healthy environment in all production activities and provision of products and services. Companies that can provide environment-friendly production activities, products, and services can grow and develop in the 21st century.

Acquisition of ISO14001 is a very important and effective system as one of the means of reducing the burden on the global environment in corporate activities.

EYETEC Co., Ltd. was the first company in the eyewear industry to obtain certification for this standard. We measure our environmental policy within this environmental management system and continuously improve our management targets every year.

"Environmental policy"

As a corporate citizen of Sabae City, we will actively participate in local activities, protect the beloved local nature and environment, contribute to the development of the local community, and aim to create a prosperous 21st century.